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Introducing the

Ember Baby Bottle System

Introducing the

Ember Baby Bottle System

What's included in the System

6 oz Baby Bottles (2x)

Includes Level 1 nipples for ages 0 months and older

Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

6 oz Insulating Thermal Dome

Keep milk cool at home or on-the-go for up to 4 hours¹

Smart Warming Puck

Warms the bottle wherever you are with a charge capacity for 2 feedings

Nipple Adapter for Philips Avent™ (2x)

Compatible with Philips Avent™ Natural nipples²

Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

Level 2 Nipples (2x)

For ages 3 months and older

Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

Level 3 Nipples (2x)

For ages 6 months and older

Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

Power Adapter

Keep your Smart Warming Puck charged and ready to go.

Interchangeable Adapter Plugs

Type G and Type C power adapter plugs for United Kingdom and Europe.


"No more water baths, no more separate gadgets, no more needing to test the milk on your wrist."


"Warming a baby’s bottle is pretty straight forward…until you’re trying to do it out of the house. Or trying to figure out exactly how hot you need to get the water to make a steam bath to heat up a bottle. And forget about what happens if you want to take milk on the road for a few hours and keep it cool, but can’t find the cooler. This bottle solves all of those problems."


"We roughly calculated that if you use the Ember Baby Bottle System for about six bottles a day, it comes out to about $1.11 a day or about $33 a month. And a dollar a day for the ease of safely heating up a bottle even when you’re on the go, could be well worth it."

Make time for the moments that matter

Welcome to worry-free feedings

¹ Duration may vary based on the individual’s environment, milk/formula type, and usage. Milk and formula guidelines vary. Safe storage time for formula may be shorter. Consult with your pediatrician on safe milk/formula consumption and how to safely store milk/formula. Follow formula instructions. High temperatures and ambient conditions will decrease the length of time milk/formula can be stored using the Insulating Dome.

² Nipple adapter for Philips Avent™ is compatible with, but not limited to, Philips Avent™ Natural™ and Natural Response™ nipples. Nipple adapter is also compatible with MAM nipples. Ember is not affiliated with Philips Avent™ or MAM. Philips Avent™ or MAM nipples are not included and must be provided by the customer.

³ Ensure formula powder is mixed before warming. This product is not designed to warm thickened baby formulas like rice cereal, bean gum, corn flour, or other formulas containing milk thickeners.